Misted Window Replacement

We can fix your misted or foggy windows for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Condensation never goes away, and just gets worse and worse. Get a free quote today for your misted window replacement and find out how much you could save!

Misted Window Replacement

Misted Window Replacement

Misted, foggy double glazed sealed units replaced.

  • Restore your view, get rid of the misting, steamed up foggy view from your windows
  • Restore the insulating ability of your windows
  • Restore your views!
  • Extend the life of your windows
  • Save your money and the environment

If you are experiencing a lot of condensation inside your windows and the glass unit is misting up we can help.

Double glazed units are formed from two panes of glass sealed together with a gap between them trapping air (or gas depending on the double glazing rating), to create an insulating barrier retaining the heat in a room.

With age or damage from any chemical cleaning used on the window over time, these sealed units can fail resulting in a misted window from the condensation that has penetrated the window.

There are instances, mainly in spring and autumn when misting or condensation appears on the outside of the sealed unit. This is not due to the double glazing unit failing but a natural occurrence due to the temperature of the glass falling during the night and the moisture of a heavy morning dew condensing against the glass cold surface.

Misted windows are the result of failed sealed units that are not as insulation efficient as new sealed units which results in higher heating bills.

Windows suffering from misting and condensation between the panes of glass should always have the sealed units replaced in order to maintain an energy efficient home. Even though there are ‘quick fixes’, in most cases, the seal is still broken and the misting will return in a matter of weeks or months. It is not necessary to replace the window frame as the only necessary solution is to replace the sealed unit. You can even increase the insulation by replacing an old unit and upgrading with an A-grade rated energy efficient glass.

Brand new looking windows for a fraction of the price of new

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